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I have a tiny bump inside my mouth. It's on the back of my cheek, right next to my wisdom teeth. I think it's probably a salivary gland because if I touch it, I suddenly have a lot of saliva in my mouth.
It's slightly painful, but mostly just annoying. However this bump is in a very awkward place. When I clench my teeth, they sort of bite down on this bump. Not really hard, but when fully clenched, I feel the bump being squeezed.
I feel some pain on this bump when I press from the outside of my cheek against my teeth right in front of my jaw muscle.
Normally, I wouldn't even consider this, but my teeth squeezing it make it that much more annoying.


Hello grover77.

The bump you described sounds like a duct of a parotid salivary gland (the other two glands are located below your tongue and your jaw). Parotid salivary gland is located between jaw and ear with parotid duct and accessory paroid gland located in the cheek, usually next to the lower wisdom teeth. However, these glands are not visible as bumps (at least not in my mouth, lol), or if they are they could be mistaken for 'bitten' part of your cheek. Sometimes this area swells because of infections or problems with teeth. How often do you have these bumps? All the time or they come and go occasionally. If they are not present and visible all the time, if they're painful or they look like an abscess with white part in the middle, these could be canker sores, which could be a sign of infection. Just use some salty water to ease the symptoms. Otherwise, you shouldn't worry about it.