I am a 68 year old women. In the year 1999, my Internatist recommended my taking bioidentical hormone cream from Women's International Pharmacy in Arizona. I had not had a hysterectomy and needed progesterone cream. Took hormones untill a year ago. Then started taking estrogen and testosteerone pellets and progestgerone pills. Had spotting problems and eventually had a LAVH BSO. This was one month ago. I am presently on testosterone pellets and 0.025 Vivelle Dots. My doctor told me that I would not have to take the progesterone after a LAVH BSO. I am currently thinking about changing back to the bioidentical hormone cream from Women's Inernational Pharmacy. Don't know if I will still take the Vivelle Dots or use the cream. Should I still be taking the progesterone cream. I have heard a lot of pros and cons. Women's International Pharmacy believes that it is still important to take the progesterone even after a LAVH BSO. What would you recommend for me. I would appreciate your input. Thank you, Carol