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Hi I dont know what to do because i been having my period for a month now n its not stoping...Its really heavy and i dont know what to do...CAn someone please tell me what i shhould do?


in responce to your question the best answer would be 2 seek medical attention. ur doctor can put on a birth control that will stop the bleeding and also regulate ur cycle. i hope u get the help that u need because i know it can be a real drag to be on ur cycle for so long, besides that its really not that healthy if the are heavy like u say.


I am 21 years old virgin never had any problem on the period i moved from midle east to georgia sinsce i moved started,my eating habit is changed and sinsce august 5th to now still bleeding no pain iam not any medicin please help me i`m so worried what should i do?


Hi I am 41 and have been bleeding now for 45 days and out of those days two of those weeks were gushers. I am also feeling like I am tired and my gold rings are turning my fingers the color of lead. i am sick of tampons and sick of the mess when I think I am done only to discover an hour or so later Its back with a vengance. I have no idea what I should do esp since I am already on thyroid meds. help?


Dear 41

I am 41 myself & experiencing the same c**p..It will continue to happen. Dr.s Experiment with there drugs to find estrogen or Progesterone I would reccommend seeing a Holistic Dr. If your abnle to only bcz the drugs they will end of giving you can cause many harms to you..Cancer/loss of hair. If you do go to your regular dr. I would look up the drugs they give you on the internet before taking them as they had me all messed up. Natural Peri-menopause is what your mostlikely experiencing..You can get a natural Progesterone cream to rub onto your skin ( 1 teaspoon ) in the morning..This is supposed to help I am just now checking on this as I have been through c**p..
Here is my BLOGGED STORY from a while back.

Hi I am 41..I have been miserable now since the end October 2009. My OBGYN was not very helpful.I had to do alot of research and become proactive on my pwn from being there little puppet with prescribed drugs but no answers on why?? I was bleeding. I became the puppet experiement.
Go here for more info on the Drug megestrol acetate ,
It talks about cancer and weight but also gives information on hormone drug what it does-side effects etc.. Pretty scary. I am currently back on this drug for 14 days.
Although I have been bleeding myself heavily over 3 months without prognoses I finally had enough last week at Partner for Womens Health in Exeter NH & demanded answers & a fix. Then only was I finally going to get Lab work done. The only options I was given to stop the bleeding was Ablation or IUD..I dont think so !!! You havent even done my bloodwork to determine any factors of the reason for the bleeding. But so eager to give these options..WOW now thats scary! Being pretty much forced to go forth with a DNC I did schedule but only if necessary after the findings of Bloodwork & Ultrasound to determine if really needed for me to go through a DNC. I am sick of Dr.s treating us like puppets.
Soooo I went home scheduled an appointment with my Primary care dr. for a 2nd opinion & then changed my OBGYN Dr
I the begining of when this whole thing started back in October they did do a Endo Biopsy which came back Negative so then at that point they prescribed prometrium Also a hormone to stop bleeding. Go here for info :
I actually think it was better for me but now on Megace..
Since the Dr is finally getting my Bloodwork done & Ultrasound to hopefully I will find out if its a hormonal imbalance for the right type of meds if needed or Fibroid or Ovary Cyst?? Any of these things can cause continous bleeding. Also if a womans body doesnt shed normally the lining each menestrual cycle then the body continues to build the lining each cycle so this is considered thickening of the lining of the uterus wall which also can cause the abnormal long term bleeding as the body becomes confused woth hormaonal signals. I have been told that research doesnt give the answers on why this happens but it happens to alot of women at any age. A DNC is performed to scrape away this lining build up which is a horrible experience..Then you wake up still bleeding & usually go into a full cycle & finally regulate. But every womans body is different so a normal cycle finally regualting will differ in each person it could yake a few months for some women..
I hope my story & the links help answer some questions..Maybe you can educate yor Dr. There is also a natural Hormone out there that you just rub onto your skin twice a day..for long term. its on the website above under "Hormones and your Health...
Best of luck to anyone whose experiencing continued bleeding without resolution.

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41 - Hi everyone..I am adding the most recent information of my success

Kinda Leary unsure about this stuff here is the website :
Its a woman owned company..Thats good news to me.. :) Soo Anyways I just had my period then 5 days later restarted again..Here we goo again AHHHGG I have been bleeding heavy for 4 days prior to buying this stuff I bought Paraben-Free Pro-Gest Single Use packets to take a chance to see if it will help me..
First off I went to these websites first to get all the info on irregular bleeding.." It doesnt mean your in perimenopause just because your having irregular cycles.
I am sharing these websites to give education on my findings..These sites have alot of good info !!! LOTS of education that Dr.s can make confusing..

( this site above is the same site above it but direct link to take a free personal Hormonal health profile help you see what your symptoms could be the cause from.)

So I have been rubbing the cream onto my skin after a shower in the morning ( belly area ) and at night on wrists.
1 packet in morning & 1 at night for 14 days is what the package says. 4 days now and I am a new person..I am so glad I took the chance on this :) you dont have to be in peri menopause to use this cream. after you educate yourself with the below websites you will understand what I mean by this.. I have irregular bleeding most likely because I am under stress and my weight fluctuates and my diet isnt great I admit and yep I drink alcohol..And cant live without my morning JAVA. I found out that all of these fall into the catagory of what can cause my irregular cycles..
So here is my plan :

1.Taking the cream - helped a bunch ( it does take a few days ) as its not a pharmacutical drug that is taken orally so I would give it the 14 days..but with me it was 4 days when I saw improvement maybe because I added the following to my plan.

2. Omegas 3 6 9 - take daily ( Im taking whole foods brand ) There a better oil I was told by rep ( helps in many ways )

3. Vitiman B12 DOTS - Put 1 under your tounge in the morning and disolve-tastes like cherry ( Great for Mental alertness/Stress)

4.New Chapter Bone Strength - Calcium tablet daily -Algea calcium -

5.Rainbow Light Just Once-Multi Vitiman for Women ( says Menopause but was told it helps even if your not - helps regualate cycles visit website for more info :

6.Eating more vegetables & making sure I am getting at least 6 ounces of protein on each meal. ( Protein bars ? can be taken but look for hydronated oils-palm oil-this stuff will kill you by clogging your arteries & causing high cholesterol ) FYI ! If you dont like fish. Chicken is good or Soy or TOFU. I am not a TOFU person but some can tolerate it..YUK. Beans are great too. all beans. Nuts especially almonds.

7. Sambazon Acai - comes frozen blend with a banana & ice & whey powder- YUMMM & the best thing is its good for you.Helps balance & gives great antioxidants.

8. I cut back to a 1/2 cup coffee/espresso a day. or make it weaker & have a full cup.

9. Drinking Lots of water

10. Cut back off the alcohol intake on the weekends 1-2 less

11. Eating Yogurt w/ Granola in the morning

12. Large salad at night with tons of my favorite veges & 1 choice of meat 1/2 chicken breast grilled on the bbq which I marinated in a spicy sauce.

13. Taking a 365 Probiotic Complex ( helps digestive tract )

14. Walking-excercise of any kind. I walk alot :)


Some of these steps above you may think are irrelivant to the issue but I must tell you once you start them you will feel better-look better and your body will be thanking you inside & out..The most important steps to age & a womans cycles is how you take care of your self internally..The best time to start is now & its FREE. Educate yourselves..I put months of looking into all of this & sharing my knowledge in hope that it will help somebody.

Thanks for taking the time to read this & I wish the best to you !! :P :P :P :P :D

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