i'm sure my child was concived on 7/14, on 7/29 i had a feeling i should take a hm test. to my surprize it was +. the very next day i had cramping & spotting then i passed 2 rasin size clots. i called my doc who said come the next day. so i did , he check me and said i seem fine but wanted to make sure so he set up an us. i went back to his office right after , he side it look like an eptopic so he suggested I termanate it and sent me to the er to get the shot (i forgot the exact nane but it starts w/a M) anyway i was so hurt , i ask GOD to send me a sign if i should not go thur with it. Of course he did. The er doc said he felt it was to early to tell and he did not feel he should termanate it . He ask that i wait 2days to see if my HGC levels went up. At the time it was 370 , two days later it was 970 so i did anoter US 4 days later . the ER doc was correct it was just to early , my baby had moved to my uterus and everything looked great my HCG level was now 2400. my doc had said if i were only a couple of week (which i was) my hm test would NOT have been +. That was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE ALL CONTINUES TO GO WELL . I HAVE LEARNED A LESSON OUT OF ALL THIS "TRUST GOD NOT MAN" !! DONT RUSH TO DO ANYTHING MK SURE U GET YOUR HCG LEVELS TESTED 3TIMES IN ONE WEEK BEFORE YOU TERMANATE YOUR UNBORN CHILD.