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I am around 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. Today is april 17, I went to the hospital on the april 10. I went in for vomiting, spoting, and pains in my tummy. They did blood test and came back and said I might be having a miscarrige because my hcg level was 20. I was told to come back in two days to see if my hcg level went down. I woke up the next morning in a puddle of blood so I went back to the hospital and told them what happen. Then then did more blood text and other exams and came back and said my hcg level was 47 and my servix was closed. Then tey said my levels was not going up fast so it was a misscarrige.

I was still bleeding and passing larger clots so I went to a different hospital the next day. I explained what was going on then they did test and exams and said the same thing about a miscarrige but yet my hcg levels was still going up. At this point I was told it was at 96 and my cervex was still closed. I was admited in the hospital to make shore my levels was going up or down. I was in there for 3 day and they said my levels have went up to 200+.

I have another appt. next week can someone let me now what is going on please.


Hi Sweetie,

I think that you need to be monitored extra carefully right now.  You should be on bed rest until this is dealt with properly; no lifting, no exercising, and feet up. 

Treat this like everything is going to be OK because it is.  Positive thinking makes for positive results.

Treat yourself to a mani and a pedi - no massages!

Hope this helps, good luck and I have my fingers crossed for you.