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Okay so I'm your typical sexually active teen here. Me and mine had a broken condom issue and we'll I've still had my periods every month since and the first month after sex I had cramps, but not like period cramps. Also I've had all the signs of pregnancy even my mom's been thinking I'm pregnant for the past two months and my mom's had four kids.anyway I've taken 4 pregnancy test all negative, but sometimes I get these weird feelings like something with growing weight is in there...if I am I would be about thirteen weeks and here lately I get this strange fluttering feeling in there...I'm wondering if it's possible that I'm just insane and really aren't pregnant or if my instincts are right and I am but that I have fairly low hCg levels??? When you answer kn0ow that I'm not scared of being pregnant at all I am simply curious and wanting answers


Hi Jenni,

Are your periods "normal?"  If so, it is unlikely you are pregnant.

You can make yourself have pregnancy symptoms.

A home test, now, should be accurate.  The hCG levels should not be "that" low.  Just use your first morning urine, your wake up pee, for best accuracy.

You could also see your doctor for a blood test.

Good luck.