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Hi guys!! I joined because I really need to talk to someone!!! And need help with ppl who know what I'm experiencing.. So my last period was April 20-26.. And on Sunday the 15th of May at 11pm I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive.. At first the line was very faint so I doubted it but it became more clearer even my husband saw. Today is Tuesday and every test I have take since then is a negative. I'm struggling because I am having the worst headaches. They hurt so bad that I scream they make me feel so dizzy so nauseas. They're always there but throughout the day they get bigger then smaller. I just don't know what is happening to me. I've never had such bad headaches in my life. Am I pregnant? I also have lower back pain. And cramps on and off..


Hi Masha,

A very faint line means a bad test.  The test responds to the presence of hCG and not how much.  It's a qualitative test, yes or no.

When you retested did you use your first morning urine?  You should.  It is more concentrated so more likely to give an accurate result especially when testing early.

As time progresses the accuracy of the test will increase due to the rising levels of hCG - if you are pregnant.

Your symptoms are not specific to pregnancy and it is very early for you to have any symptoms at all.

Good luck.