My husband and I have been trying for a year to get pregnant. We just underwent our first round of infertility treatments that included 5 days of Chlomid, an injection of HCG, a UTI and 18 days of Progesterone.

I normally do not  have and never have had normal cycles, and through the numerous ultrasounds this past month have found I have PCOS and that normally causes infrequent to no ovulation and non-regular cycles.  After what I believed to be a very short miscarriage in June where my period began on day 32, my periods have stayed at 32 days (except for one month). 

After the UTI I have experienced cramps that feel like stretching in my uterus, sharp stomach and sides pains, slight nausea  and light-headedness. The only thing I want to eat are Cheetos. About a week or less before my expected period I had a few days of very very light pink/peach spotting which I thought may have been implantation, especially when combined with the strange stomach pain.

On day 30 I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. On day 32 my period started. It was normal, except for all these extra symptoms. During periods, I NEVER get cramps around my stomach/uterus, basically in the front; they are always back cramps and back pain. So that was very odd. I took another pregnancy test today, day 4 of this new cycle and it was also negative.

However I feel just plain strange. All the odd symptoms are still here, just not as prevalent. I have read so many accounts or women with or without PCOS having negative pregnancy tests or what mimicked completely regular periods, even negative blood tests who have actually been pregnant. Can what I'm feeling be side effects of the hormones I was taking? Or should I get a blood test? I so want to be pregnant.