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Okay, so this may sound slutty but I feel I should let you know everything. 

Just so you know, my best friend lives with me so she easily made me sick too.

Today is Tuesday the 17th, and Saturday the 7th my best friend and I got drunk and ended up blowing a guy a bit, not much and not to the point where he came. He said before hand since I was nervous that he'd been tested and was clean. 

Then on Tuesday the 10th my best friend started to get sick with a sore throat, tiredness, constant headaches, swollen glands. She also got some canker sores, which aren't too uncommon for her on the bottom of her tongue. The doctor she saw seemed to not thing much of it, and gave her something to help try and make them go away quicker.

On Friday the 13th I stayed home as well because my throat felt sore in a dry kind of way, which was how hers started but I figured I wasn't actually sick and could just get off a day by saying I felt sick. The next day I felt lots worse, and realized I was legitimately sick with a sore throat. We were going to go see a doctor that day for her, and I was gonna tag along. While waiting to actually go see a doctor, I got the chills but had no fever. Once I came back on the Sunday (the 15th) I still felt pretty bad, and yesterday I got a fever of up to 102F. It was kept pretty well under control with Buckley's pills. Today I saw a doctor, and he decided to take a throat swab for strep and send me for a blood test for mono. 

I also noticed over the weekend that I think my wisdom teeth are coming in (ouch!) and so the gums at the back left side, especially the bottom are painful to touch. 
On the top left side, more to the front though, my gums have become swollen and red, painful to the touch and they bleed when I brush them. I do have a history of issues with gingivitis, and for the last about 2 or 3 weeks (i know, bad me.) I've forgotten to do it. Also, there is a tooth with more redness surrounding it, that it more sensitive when I bit or push on it wrong. (I think I have a cavity, stupid me.) 

To recap, my symptoms have include: 
-Sore throat, with white patches on and around tonsils
-Tiredness/mild fatigue
-Swollen glands
-Chills (have gone away)
and the possibly not related swollen gum w/ sore tooth

And my best friend's symptoms include: 
-Sore throat, not sure about the white patches
-Swollen glands
and the possibly not related canker sores on the bottom on her tongue. 

I read another thread on here that got me scared, and I was wondering if this is just strep or if it's oral herpes. There currently is an illness going around, and I haven't gotten any sores around my mouth, plus there is the fact that one of the teeth is sore. Also, if it is oral herpes, would that show up on the blood test?


U could have oral herpes, or, u could have a throat infection. I went to the doctor and described all those you had to him and he told me, it was just a throat infection. Everything was caused by that throat infection. He gave me some antibotics and i felt better the next week. Good luck!