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I was diagnosed with Benign bile duct dilation. Plainly put, inflamed gall bladder duct. I've been smoking marijuana close to 15 years via bong/pipe/joints/ and cigar blunts. There were no indications of tumors or stones which are the primary reasons for bile duct dilation. So, I wanted to know if my consumption of marijuana in smoke form could be the mysterious cause


I just looked this up for you, and it appears that marijuana is not associated with benign bile duct dilation, as far as anyone who has ever researched this knows. In fact, medical marijuana is sometimes advised to people with bile duct issues. 

Tobacco smoking might be, and tobacco smoking is absolutely, without a doubt, a risk for bile duct cancer — as well as numerous other cancers, of course. 

As far as continuing to smoke weed and tobacco is concerned in the context of your benign bile duct dilation, I'd just ask my doctor straight up next time I saw him if I were you.