I started running over the summer as part of my "10 packs of cigs per week to a 10k in 10 weeks" program i initiated. It worked like a charm and I quit smoking and ran the Nike Human Race on Aug 31. Unfortunately, I may have taken the exercise kick a bit too far and have been hobbled for the past month+ with leg pain(s). I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction of what it could be as well as some possible corrective measures as I am currently living in China and access to good sports med is limited. I have provided a not-so-brief backgrounder below.

Part 1 - The back story is I was initially irritated by knee pains for the first month or so. I traced this back to a new pair of shoes that I found were for over pronation when I under pronate. I got a new pair of neutral shoes and took it easy for a week or so and my knees have been ok since.

Part 2 - However, right after I ran the 10k my shins were sore (like pins and needles) so I took it easy for another week. During this time I was also trying to learn the "Pose" style of running to get out of heal striking and hopefully ease some of the pains. (And...as a result, my calfs were pretty sore - like holding onto the furniture to get to the bathroom in the morning sore...) The following week I was running an easy 4k when the back of my calf and ankle started to tighten up. I stopped, stretched and walked home only to find I couldn't walk on it 2 hours later. I ended up on crutches for the next 3-4 days unable to put any weight on my foot.

Part 3 - I first thought I had re-injured a sprain from a water skiing accident two years ago. It was very similar in there was no swelling or bruising, I had full motion, but it was extremely painful if I tried to put weight on it. I had an MRI (then) and was given limited info by the chinese doc besides it was soft tissue damage. However, the waterski accident was from rolling my ankle (believe my atfl). The current injury was just from running and the pain was coming from the back of my lower ankle (believe the fibula). I figured I maybe had a stress fracture of the fibula (probably agitated by trying to learn running on my fore-foot) and saw a doc in China who couldn't tell me much. I stayed off running for 3 weeks and just hit the stationary bike 3-4 times per week instead.

Part 4 - I assumed that my standard aches and pains in the morning would subside with the time off but then haven't. In fact, they are worse then before. Anytime I get up (out of bed, out of a chair, etc) I hobble for the first 3-10 steps like an old man. The only thing that seems to loosen them up is exercise...

Part 5 - I was going stir crazy last week on vacation and tried to just run the pains out. I did 3 short 2-3k easy runs while in Tibet (at 12k-14k ft) of all places. My leg(s) were tight initially but loosened up while running to maybe a 80% level. After running my leg would tighten up quite a bit and my last run I had to run my leg under a hot shower to loosen it up. What has now baffled me is that the pains weren't coming from the back of my ankle but from my knee, front ankle, and pretty much everywhere except my back ankle.

At this point i'm baffled and ready to amputate both legs from the knee down. Prior to this would appreciate any theories or ideas that I could guide the chinese docs to look for.

From the reading I did, my self diagnosis goes as follows: a possible stress fracture of the fibula or sprain agitated by or brought on by trying to run on my forefoot combined with some type of medium/severe joint inflammation resulting from overtraining. Thoughts?