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Well, in these non-face-to-face forms of communication the body language will eventually reflect in the voice or the choice of words. Ultimately the Mind reflects the state of 'mind and body'. Even if you are communicating on phone your voice will reveal whether you are alert or just lazying around. The choice of words in your email will give away your posture of relaxed/ alert state.

These are my views ... any comments ?????

Agree ... Disagree ???


Hmmm...I am divided on this one. I think one of the big weaknesses of email and text messages is a lack of emotion. There is so-much non-verbal communication when we are face to face, or even on the phone, that you miss out on through electronic communication. It's hard to tell if someone is in a good mood, or a bad mood...joking...etc.

BUT - in written communication like these I do find that what I type is more thorough and on-point when I am more awake and alert, and more vague when I am I guess there is some sort of 'inflection' that way!