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Hi. Im 17 i just had a baby 2months ago and ive been having a really sharp pain in my right bob in the nipple area and going throws the bottom of my boob and it burns and feels like a stabbing pain , when i lay down it hurts more intill i get up but even tho the pain comes and goes for days but if im laying down it hurts even if i move a little to the side and when i try to get up. I dont breastfeed at all and my other boob doesnt hurt at all. I need someone to at least tell me what may causes this pain. 


Hi there, are you breastfeeding?  You may have mastitis - it is quite common after pregnancy and very painful.  For now, get a cloth with hot water and put them on your breasts and this may relieve your symptoms for awhile.  In the meantime make a doctor appointment to get it checked out. 

If you have been having unprotected sex you may be pregnant again as well.  Check this option out with your doctor too.

Good luck