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I have extremely sore breasts. It makes me cry when I remove my bra. I had a nipple piercing in my left breast but removed it over a year ago and I now have a p***y discharge from my left nipple.

I can only find information on sore breasts for pregnant women and I am definately not pregnant.

Thanks in Advance


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Considering you had your nipple pierced I would think that you might have developed mastitis, bacterial infection of the breast nipple. It usually appears when cracks on nipples are present like during breastfeeding or improperly cared nipple piercing.
Mastitis could be really painful and cause redness and flakiness and burning feeling in the breast area, discharge as well.

There are also other potential causes of nipple discharge and seeing a doctor would be the wisest thing to do to rule out malignancies and the other causes.

Some of the non-malignant causes of nipple discharge are fibrocystic change, duct ectasia, periductal mastitis, eczema, papillomas, etc

Also, smoking, hypertension, birth control pills can increase levels of prolactin hormone (that stimulates milk production) and cause nipple discharge.