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What could be the causeof swollen lymth nodes under armpits. Am a new mother breast feeding?



Are you sure they're a lymph nodes? More likely is that you have clogged ducts from breastfeeding, which is quite common among new moms.
Of course, it's possible that you have enlarged lymph nodes due to infection, mastitis most likely. It's probably nothing to worry about, but it's the best that your GP check and prescribe you some antibiotics in case you have mastitis.

In case that you indeed have clogged ducts, this steps could be a relief.

Make sure that you empty the breast completely at each feeding.  Move the milk out of the nipple by rubbing the area towards the nipple.

Applying a hot pad or hot wash cloth could be helpful to relieve discomfort.  Apply it about 20 minutes before nursing. 
You could also massage that area even before and after breastfeeding.

Massage may hurt a little, depending on breast sensitivity.  But don't let that stop you. Drink lots of fluids and keep massaging. :)

However, your doctor will give you diagnose if you have clogged ducts or if it's an infection. But you can also tell if it's an infection by redness of the area.