OK I know it sounds dramatic but I can't help worrying I might have breast cancer.

My History:
I was 40 this year.

Breast implants in 2000 I was extremely flat-chested. No problems with this what so ever.

Had my beautiful baby boy in February 2006, my first child. I Breastfed for 10 months with no problems but mastitis once.

I do not suffer from any breast tenderness at any time in my monthly cycle and haven't since I was about 20.

10 days ago I was having tenderness around my right nipple. The next day on picking up my Son I had the most unbearable sharp stabbing pain in right through my breast. I hurt so bad I nearly dropped him. On closer inspection my nipple was tender and my lymph nodes under my right arm had flared up and looked like a bunch of grapes.

The next day I had an urgent Doctors appointment. She said it is probably an infection and prescribed me FLUCLOXACILLIN 500mg 4 x a day. I take these antibiotics every six hours on an empty stomach and eat one hour later as advised. The Doctor gave me a 2 week dose saying if it hadn't improved after the first week take the seconds week complete course, then If it hasn't improved or has got worse she will refer me. I am now 8 day into the course. The pains when I forget and pick up my Son on the wrong side it knocks me for six, although my lymph nodes have now gone down on that side and the soreness around my nipple has gone down somewhat.

I'm worried because there is a lot of cancer on my Mothers side:

Mother: stomach Cancer
Auntie: Breast Cancer
Uncle: Lunge Cancer

Should I just try and be patient and wait out the next week until Wednesday? It’s just the pain really is excruciating if I accidently put pressure on that side and I can't seem to stop my mind from wandering to the C word.

I have always been very healthy, I'm very sporty and no one believes my age when I tell them. I have tried to look after my self because I know my Mothers side of the family are all suffering from medical conditions.

Am I worrying for nothing...