I was born with hydronephrosis in my left kidney in 1989 my first five years where very difficult from having UTI's, going in and out back and forth every other day and eventually pretty much died and resuscitated back to life. Then one day I was given medicine that boosted my kidney strength and my parents where told it was not a cure and I would eventually have problems again. Today I have had 1-lithotripsy "unsuccessful", and 7-cystoscopy about 3 where successfull and 4 unseccessful due to my hydronephrosis and anatomy of my kidney. and my nephrologist thinks I have RTA which can be managed with medication. while on it I started getting blisters, fatigue, and migranes and was told to stop immediately. In Jume I had 2 unsuccessful cystoscopy's and am being referd to a surgeon in dallas. So from 2009-now I cant stop producing stones I have changed diet completely, upped my fluid intake, and now drinking lemon water. my doctor told to keep on drinking anything acidic for the last 4yrs and some how im still producing stones, only in my left side with hydronephrosis. the current stone is 11mm which so ar is the biggest