Kidney Stone Info/Tricks from a guy who's passed more than 200!

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I looked through some of these posts and I see that a lot of people have kidney stone issues and have been, or are going through many of the situatios that I have. I have become a sefl-taught expert on kidney stones since I have passed over 200 in my lifetime. I have a congenital kidney disease called Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease and it causes me to make stones like most people grow fingernails. When you pass that many stones, you get to know your body and tricks to make things less painful so I thought I'd come and tell of some experiences that might help others. In addition to passing more than 200, I've also been through 7 Lythotrypsies so I know all that as well. I passed my first stone when I was 20. Typical severe pain in my left flank area, like a knife pushed deep and twisting. That lasted several hours and landed me in the E.R. It took me 3 weeks to pass that stone but I finally did. The pain is typically the most instense pain a man will ever go through. The way I know it's a stone is that no amount of re-positioning makes that pain better. It stays the same incredible intensity throughout the experience. For those who are not familiar with stones, the pain is caused when the stone is pushed down the ureters on the way to the bladded. Generally, you will pass a lot of blood the first few times this happens. Not usually bright red blood but very dark rust colored. I actually passed blood the day before the pain. Didn't know, at that time, what was going on but learned quick. Over the years, I have so much scar tissue built up inside my ureters that I no longer pass any visible blood and seldom feel the stone passing down the ureters. I have even passed 8mm stones and never knew which side it came down because it didn't hurt. But that was after the first 50 or so. I also know WHERE in the ureter the stone is by the type and location of pain. I know a stone is right near the opening to the bladder because I get this very regular spasm, about every second or so, but the pain is felt in the tip of the penis, as if the stone is actually stuck about 1/2 inch inside the urethra. But higher up the ureter the stone is, the deeper I feel the pain in my penis, ie: If the stone is 1" from the bladder, that spasming is about 1 & 1/2 inches from the tip of my penis. This is when I know I have to push a ton of water. I generally know when the stone passes into the bladder as I get one more very intense sharp spasm... the kind that make you scream "OUCH"! Then I get ready for the next step... passing it through my penis. This is less painful than it sounds but always shocks the sh!t out of me, excuse my french. It almost always goes like this... I start peeing, and right near the end I feel the stone hit the exit of the bladder. I generally don't get the stone out then. Often it literally gets stuck in my urethra which is really painful and is noted by a sharp pain in that area when bending forward. Then I do this trick... I drink lots of water, wait until my bladder is really full and hit the bathroom. I then hold the very tip of my penis tightly so that no pee can come out. I release the stream, causing my urethra to expand (like in the cartoons when someone plugs a fire hose and a big bubble grows near the end), then I release my grip. This cause a huge, fast stream and generally pushes the trapped stone out. Often, I have to keep squeezing off the penis, over and over again while trying to keep urinating, eventually, I pass the stone. In cases where the stone is particularily large or difficult, I will fill the tub with very warm water, get in and get down on all fours, reaching back to perform the same squeezing technique. This allows you to pee underwater and point the penis straight down, an aid to getting it out of the lowest point in the bladder. Yes, I end up sitting in a bathtub full of water (and my own pee) but it works. I find a huge stone in the bottom of the tub. Then I simply shower. Because I form stones so fast, they are generally very jagged, like quartz crystals with spikes on the ends. Stones that spend years froming are generally more round and easier to pass. But often, my stones don't show up on xray because they from so fast, they are not dense and therefore, not radio-opaque. This oftens causes me issues as new doctors think I'm faking a stone. Another trick I use is when I have a stone stuck in my ureter for weeks or months. I go to the E.R. and have them hook me up to a normal sailine I.V. and push it wide open. This moves so much fluid through my kidneys that the stone often moves to the bladder with 2 hours. But this is not recommended for men over 50 as having that much fluid in your boday can cause a heart attack. Basically, you are simulating Congestive Heart Failure by having so much fluid going through your bloodstream. I haven't done the IV thing since I turned 50. As to what causes my stones, they are almost always calcium-oxylate, the typical type. Drinking colas is the number one way people get these stones. But eating nuts is also not a good idea. Many people say coffee is bad (tea is very high in oxylates) but I actually drink only coffee for the past 5 years and have greatly reduced my stone issues. I do drink lots of coffee and some water too so I think the hydration alone is what's working. I spent 2 years drinking 2 bears a day... never created a stone in 2 years. But I couldn't keep my beer gut from forming. Beer is a great diuretic. I also try to take a Flomax when I know I'm about to pass a stone. Makes it easier to release the prostate and get flow going. These are just some of the things I've learned over the years. I hope they help someone. I came here today because I feel like I passed a stone into my bladder but have not been able to flush it out. And at least half the times I go to pee, there is nothing, no pain, no stone trying to exit the bladder near the end. This is very unusual for me. And it happened the same last month... felt I passed a stone but never did. So either I have one stuck in the bladder (which BTW happens often... the bladder is not smooth on the inside, it has lots of folds and crevices that like to hold onto stones) or I am experiencing prostate stones for the first time. I came here looking for symptoms of those as they are new to me. Good luck to all. Drink lots of water!
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I have also passed hundreds of stones, many quite large.   My first was when I was 8 years old, but no one really caught it at the time.  I have spent as long as a year passing a single stone, and passed a different stone on the opposite side while waiting for the first one.  As I write this I have on stuck on my front right that has been moving for several months--it must be a dosey.Anyway, for my own tricks...When you know you are getting close, try drinking two glasses of water as rapidly as you can, followed by a beer.  Repeat until the stone comes out!  The alcohol acts as a diuretic and dulls some of the pain.You'll find that you can force yourself to back away from the pain at least temporarily just as you can force yourself to stop shivering when it is cold.  It takes practice, but I can now pass stones without anyone knowing.  My first stones in my 20s had me writhing in pain.  Now I can control my reaction to pain and will myself through it when I need to.When the stone is in the bladder but not coming out make sure you wait as long as you can between trips to the bathroom.  As you near the end of emptying your bladder, push hard to force out the urine.  The stone always comes out at the end of the pee stream.To avoid releasing stones already in your kidneys,  keep hydrated in a predictable way.  Stones seem to break loose during periods of extremes--dehydration or sudden, over-hydration.  And, I have had stones break free during periods of heavy physical activity that shakes your kidneys, such as mountain biking. 
Well, I found out that the stone I thought I had passed into my bladder actually had but it had got stuck when entering the urethra. I spent all yesterday in agony. Finally, after hours and hours of drinking and using every trick I ever used I managed to free it up. The stone was oblong, very unusual shape. About 3mm at the narrow part but about 6-7mm long. It must have come down the ureter lenghtwise, which is why I didn't feel it much. But it must have got stuck sideways on the way out of the bladder. It's amazing how much better you feel almost instantly! Good luck to all sufferrers.
I mix a concoction of 2 ounces of pure Lemon juice with 2 ounces of Virgin Olive Oil. The oil reduces the friction inside the ureter and urethra by allowing the tubes to expand and become more flexible, so the stone can slide down without any discomfort. The lemon juice allows the sharp points to be buffered, literally melting the stone as it passes. This remedy will enable you to pass your kidney stone within 1 week or less, depending on the size of the stone. Average time to pass is 4 hours to 1 week. Pain will disappear within a couple of hours .... really works !!!
Hey guy with over 200 stones, I have the same problem! IT SUCKS!
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Thank you for answering a question that I've had for YEARS... I'm a 38-year old female, and my first stone was when I was 16. I've since given birth, and YEP, the stone was WAY worse. Like you described, it didn't let up. Even for a second. (At least the contractions come in waves!)Over the years, I've had somewhere between 45 and 55 stones. I always tell people that there's no real point in counting past the 30th one. :)We're a strange breed, you and I. What I've always wondered is if other people have noticed -- over many years -- a reduction in pain due to ureteral scar tissue?! Thank you for answering it. YES. Fantastic. I have wondered, more than once, if I "really" was having a kidney stone, because of the dull sensation (even though I, like you, can pinpoint with deadly accuracy where the stone is at any given moment). Unbelievable. A kindred spirit! :) Thanks again.
Thanks for the great information!  I'm only on stone number 4, and it has been working its way out for the last 8 months now.  It's almost through.  I recently came upon the Lemon Juice information and started with that about a week and a half ago.  It may indeed work because it seems to be making more progress lately. Since I'm a guy, I have no idea what child birth feels like.  What I can tell you is that I have had arthitis (Ankylosing Spondylitis to be specific) since I was 10 (I'm in my late 40's now).  Comparing an arthritis flare-up to a kidney stone ... both are bad, no doubt, but if I have to have one or the other, I'll take the kidney stone any day.  I have had times when the weight of just a bedsheet on your toes is excrusiatingly painful ... much worse than a kidney stone.  Pain is relative, as anyone who has experienced a kidney stone can probably attest to.  Other pain seems minor in comparrison.  In my case, a kidney stone is still bad, but when the doctors ask me to rate the pain level from 1 to 10, it's never a 10 ... 7 or 8 at it's worst. Thanks for the great advise on helping to pass these stones.  I will be drinking lemon juice on a regular basis from now on!  Kidney stones are no fun.
Thanks...great info.Feeling exactly the same pain as you have explained.
Update:  8 months of dealing with this stone off and on.  Less than two weeks on lemon juice and the stone finally passed with very little discomfort.  It was a large stone too ... 8mm by 4mm and irregular in shape.  It generated some visible blood as it finally moved into the bladder.  Looked like two stones fused together with the smaller one attached across the top of the other. I'm continuing with the lemon juice with hopes of clearing any other stones from my kidneys. Thanks to all for the great advice in this thread!
I'm on my 5th stone had 2 removed by operation retrograde ureteroscopy under general anesthetic, I now have one that I think is near the point where the ureter joins the bladder, its been there for a couple of weeks now and refuses to move not causing massive pain and believe me I now how bad renal pain gets at its worst. I just want this one out as I have a half marathon to run in four weeks. The pain from this one has been subtle like deep waves but now its like the irritation of a stent. I feel its presence when I come to the end of my stream when urinating, here is a method I use to get rid of the awful things  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** 
this post from you my friend was very helpful and not 20 minutes after i read your post i passed my first stone i ever. i had been diagnosed with kidney stones 6 years ago after experiencing my worst natural pain in my life at age 29. even after that i didnt remember passing a stone and the problem went into remission until 2 weeks ago when i again experience the same pain and went to ER. they told me my stones were small enough to pass but because i never remember a stone coming out of my penis i was very scared and ignorant to the whole process. I was very familiar with my in the lower side but over the last few days i had been experiencing penis pain and that had me more disturbed than anything because i didnt know if that was related to my stones until i read your post. i drank alot of water and built up my pressure and low and behold a stone come out. i feel liberated and alot more informed. thanks for sharing your experience u did for me what the ER doctors couldnt and that is give me peace of mind as to the full process because just telling a man a stone will pass from his penis is vague and unbelievable until u experience it.
very good post ,I have had kidney stones 30 years ,a stone every other year and getting worse, his trick to get the lower stones out of the bladder worked like a charm and got rid of the stone and pain.why don,t the urologist tell you tricks like pain and stone vanished in 10 seconds.
thanks man i will try this i had the worst pain last night went to er and yes kidney stones thanks for the input chris
Great post man! Your comments are my experiences too. I'm just at the point now where I have a 4-5mm stone entering the urethra as described above. I'm drinking about 32 ounces of water to push it out. I'm not sure about the bathtub position, but I find if I sit on the toilet that triggers it rather than standing. I'm just unsure how I'm going to catch the stone that way. I'll try the net the hospital gave me.
Any idea of how often you need to take the lemon juice / olive oil brew? Or is it just once?