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Hi I need some urgent advise regarding my bowel movements. over the past few weeks i have been eating more such as firbre bars, high firbre cerals wholemeal bread etc here a list of what i eat daily as a guide i have a selective eating disorder Breakfast High firbre ceral 4.5g - juice smoothie 2.8g dirbre lunch wholemeal sandwich 5.4g crisps 1.0g firbre oat bar 5.7g dinner either chips niggets sauusages or egg fired rice snacks throughout the day firbrebars biscuits etc for the last few weeks my bowel habbits have chagnge quite a lot from once every two days to twice a day. poo comes out like a thick sludge everytime it dont come out like a snake or like it used to time ago. now and then it comes out it litle blobs probley about 30% of the time and other times it comes out like a thick muddy sludge is what i can say it looks like. i drink water jucies and pure fruit smoothies which contain fruit firbre any idea if this is serious as i spoke to a locom doctor at my surgery and they check my bowels and listen to them and say it sounds normal but my bowel habbits are not normal i'm gettng very worried about this


I think regular bowel movement is not bad. It is important to excete waste everyday and there's nothing to worry about it. But everything in excess is is not also good. Try to vary your food intake and consider also that your body also needs other nutrients other than fiber.