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im a 20 year old male, im pretty healthy untill here lateley about a month ago i started having stomach pains right under my rib cage and following with it sometimes i feel like i have to make a bowel movement when i dont, the it will be diaherra ,then constipated, then really soft. sometimes it goes away for like a hour but comes back i feel fine other than that. i dont have hart burn and i tend to pass gas a lot. im concerne this may be a serious problem or soething i can fix with the right diet. and i cant afford to go to hospital and have no insurance. can anyone tell me what this could be?


Hi, I have been there. Same sympons. A lot does depend on your diet and an allergy test would really benefit you. I have no medical qualifications but having similar I would advice you talk to your G.P as you could have either irritable bowel, stomach ulcer or a combination of things going on. Firstly, if you smoke I suggest you stop as it will not help. Get fruit and veg into your daily diet and most of all - de stress if that is on the list. Saying you have a lot of gas suggests the food intake may be fatty?

Hope this helps