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Hello, everybody?  I have to know.  Is eating too much fruit and vegetables harmful on a diabetic diet?  I am one that loves to eat fruit and vegetables but I am told these are carbohydrates and I know I can only have so many carbs at each meal.  I don't know, I can eat a couple of apples at a sitting.  I munch on carrots all day long at work and I snack on oranges and bananas.  So how much is too much when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables?  How will it harm me if I do eat a lot of them?  I would like to incorporate as many as I can in my diet.  Can anyone help me do that?  I would be ever so grateful! 


Hello, Guest.  I am envious of you that you like vegetables so much!  I think it is great that you love fruit and vegetables so much.  You can have as many that you want up to the carbohydrate allowance you have on your diabetic diet plan.  Many vegetables do not have as many carbs as some others (lettuce=low; corn=high).  So if you can put cucumbers and other low glycemic vegetables in your day, you still have room for more fruit and higher glycemic veggies in you meal plan.  Eating these types of food offer to give you more vitamins and minerals than bread and cereals do so you benefit greatly by eating them.  Basically, you do have to stick with your carb counting (sorry), but you can try eating more low-carb veggies and less high-carbs. Do you eat vegetables at meals as well as for snacks? Maybe just do one or the other, alternating daily/weekly. Good luck with your newly-improved diet! I hope you continue to eat plenty of healthy things... in moderation.