I had my brain tumor removed almost six months ago. It was the size of a baseball. It was stage one meningeal brain tumor. It was pressing on my brain stem and cerebellum. I was told I could have a sagy face on the left side I could be  deaf in my left ear and have a lazy eye. I was lucky enough to not have any side effect like that. The thing that I am dealing with right now is the pain I have in the back of my head is all the time. Headaches most days also they left a small hole in the back of my head the hurts all the time. Also a month after surgery they decided to have a shunt put in because my brain wasn't draining the fluid. I was told it would take six months to a year before I would feel good. I am now approaching six months and I still feel awoul. I thought I would be feeling much better by now. Has anyone had a similar situation that could give me some advice. I still take pain meds often. Don't know we're to turn to feel like no one really understands.