My husband had a left frontotemporal craniotomy for the fenestration of a large cyst on his pituitary tumor (a very large macroadenoma) which he previously had a transsphenoidal surgery for and 25 radiation treatments (2009). The MRI following the radiation showed a bubble on the left side of the adenoma. The bubble subsequently filled with fluid and became a large cyst which caused intercranial pressure. He had memory loss and a couple of TIA's before surgery and two days following surgery he had a stroke on the right side of his brain. At the time of his most recent surgery an additional resection of the turmor occured in the middle fossa of the tumor. He spent 7 days in ICU and then moved to the NSU where it was noted that he was not draining from surgery and a shunt was surgically placed to facilitate drainage of cerebrospinal fluid. The shunt has operated very well. Various therapies are being given and he is making progress. We are still working on properly healing the incision sites on his head (brain surgery is never remembered by the patient) which he has scratched open etc.

My big question in this whole picture is this: "Is it 'normal' for him to still have days when he 'takes a trip without leaving the farm' so to speak. He doesn't live in California but right now he thinks he is there. He also has said he was in Australia - never has been there. He has known who I am consistently for some time but this afternoon he said that I was my sister (I don't have one). He does have times of clarity. This isn't constant. Those times give me hope, but he can't remember where anything is, he has to relearn almost everything and I expected that. What I didn't expect is the "stranger" who lies down on my side of the bed along with the random nonsense and paranoid suggestions about things in general.