My husband has removed a benign meningioma tumor located in the right frontal of his brain on August 28, 2008. It was a very aggressive 7cm tumor. He had the surgery on August 28th and left the hospital during fine two days later except for full movement in his left arm. He was re-admitted on 9/9/08 because of a lack of movement in his left leg. A CT scan was administered and his neurosurgeon found a significant amount of swelling and fluid on his brain. He has been provided dexamethasone and mannitol to help with the swelling. Today, September 12, 2008, a second CT scan was taken. The results shows an increase in the swelling. Also, he is having a serious side effect from the dexamethasone (hiccupping). Is there anyone reading this who have had swelling after a brain tumor removal and was given medication for it and the results were positive? Please tell me the name of the medications used, so that I can mention it to his doctor. Thanks for any replies.