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Ive been breastfeeding for 10 months without geting my peiod and then got my period- it was very very heavy so my doc perscibed prometrium to stop the bleeding ive been taking it for 5 days now and i am still bleeding is this normal? does it effect breastmilk?


I was also given prometrium to stop my heavy bleedings and I had clots and heavy bleeding some time after as well. However, I did manage to regulate my periods but only while I was taking prometrium. If I would stop, the prolonged and heavy periods would come back.

I suppose I suffered from hormonal imbalance and this progesterone helped a lot. Besides the heavy bleedings, I suffered less PMS symptoms like moodiness and stomach cramps. I really liked the was prometrium fought excessive progesterone.

Maybe, you should give it some time or maybe the dosage is not enough but your doctor didn’t want to give you more because you’re breastfeeding.

I know that progestins pass into milk from breasts but the thing is that it hasn’t been shown that it affects the baby nor that it changes the mother’s milk (both quality and quantity). I suppose the doc has enough experience about prometrium’s affects if he prescribed it to you. (he is aware that you’re breast-feeding, right?)