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Hello all. This is my first post on this site, and I'm doing it out of need for opinions. Please excuse the gross details, but I feel as though providing them should be of some help. 

I am a seventeen year old male, in good health, not taking any medications. Every day I get home from school with a craving for something or the other, so yesterday I ate some meat that had been left over from dinner last night. My sister had had a vomiting incident a few nights ago, but had only spent the next day sleeping and was all better soon enough.

 Last night at around 11:30 pm I began to have some serious stomach pains, but wrote it off and went to bed. Around 12:00 am I woke up with even worse pains, and headed to the restroom. I had diarrhea and vomited. Both my diarrhea and vomit were a brown colour. After that I felt maybe it was just a one time thing, and went back to bed around 12:55 am. However, I woke up again some time around 1:20 am with the pain again, and in the bathroom, vomited with diarrhea. This second time around my vomit was lighter in colour and so was my diarrhea. I went and told my parents about this, who advised me to drink some water. After researching "sudden diarrhea and vomiting" I came across a medical article saying that recommended treatment for adults is to NOT drink or eat anything for a few hours after the first incidents. I wondered if that might still apply for me even though I am seventeen, but was thirsty and took sips of water. This was a bad idea, as right after drinking water I had to go to the restroom again. I vomited, and this time the vomit was a very light, cream colour, with white chunks of what I assume to have been undigested food. Additionally, by diarrhea had by this time degenerated into partly blood. Another symptom that greatly frightened me was the fact that seemingly every time after having a bowel movement without vomiting, I would feel a tingling sensation run up my legs to my hand and lower face, which would proceed to seize up and become paralysed. I attributed this to dehydration, and so the first time I had to sit there and struggle with the toilet paper to clean myself so I could go tell me parents about this. They were really worried, but I hadn't told them about the bloody stool, so my father told me to call him if anything else came up. I said "ok" and went to bed, only to have to go to the restroom again multiple times. One of these times I again had a paralysis incident, but as I felt it coming I went to my bed and lay down to sleep for a few minutes. It had subsided by the time I woke. I was breathing heavily and trembling by now, and during one of my bowel movements nothing but blood came out. I called my father, who was greatly distressed by this. Meanwhile I had to go again, with another paralysis, and another vomiting soon afterwards. After my paralysis had more or less passed and my father helped me put my sweater on, he rushed me to the ER. There I was given medication for nausea which greatly helped, but I was still passing blood. The doctor asked for a urine sample, which was provided. After this a blood sample was taken and I was hooked up to an IV. After a few hours I felt a lot better, with greatly reduced nausea, vomiting urges, and no need to go to the restroom. Later the doctor came in and said it was most likely a case of the stomach flu. He said a stool sample would be nice but not necessary, and as I was not able to produce one, he said it was fine because the urine and blood tests were enough, and I was discharged with two medications for nausea and cramping. Both the doctor and I suspect that it was the meat, which had been left out overnight unrefrigerated, that caused my illness. Catching the disease from my sister was more or less ruled out as she had nowhere near as bad a time as I am.

So to sum it up my initial symptoms were:
-Paralysis due to dehydration
-Diarrhea and blood

Now I am at home drinking lots of water and sports drink as per the doctor's instructions. I have not felt nauseous or the urge to vomit, but I am still passing pure blood, which my parents are worried about and so have decided to take me back to the hospital tomorrow. So, any idea as to what I might have? I think it's most likely bacterial gastroenteritis. I guess what I would really like to know is if this passing of pure blood is anything to worry about, if it will blow over in a few days, if it is a sign of something worse, or whatever. Thank you for taking the time to read over this long post!


I started to have stomach aches a day ago. I thought maybe from something I ate. weird things I had were: homemade brownies, a pastrami like sandwich with not the best looking bread or meat from gas station, two soft burritos from taco bell. today I had stomach ache, multiple diarrhea each with massive amount of blood in my opinion. this is the first time I can remember having blood in my bowel movement and there's a lot. I am 31 old male. The blood color is like a dark red, burgundy and uses a lot of tissue to clean up. what worries me is my mom had cervical cancer with the same blood bowel movements.


TACO BELL! Stop eating poison! The LAST time I are there I had cramping and gas real bad, painful! The second to last time I ate Taco Bell I suffered severely as well. Eat fruit, veggies, fish and chicken. Avoid ALL fast food, eat raw veggies and fruit daily! Drink juice instead of poison cola! A bad diet is the cause of most diseases.