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hi everyone,

i had a baby 6 weeks ago and had to have an episiotomy (cut) it has healed and scarred well apart from on the inside there is a bright red sort of 'sack' thing which is about the size of a baked bean. it is only attacthed by a little section of it at the bottom of my episiotomy scar, n the rest is dangling. its horrible it looks like a bag of blood!! it doesnt hurt but it does ache, and im worried because it will get in the way and might burst or rip off when using a tampon or having s3x again.

if anyone knows what this is please reply! i cant find anything on the internet about it. thanks


If you've got this new condition as a result of the episiotomy, you need to go see the doctor for an examination. As this is part of the procedure, it should be covered under post-op care and be covered under your insurance.

In any case, go get an examination NOW. This doesn't sound right.