I have had 4 c-sections. The last c-section was to remove my uterus. My uterus was scarred upside down on top of my uterus (I was having several bladder infection). While they were there they removed scare tissue. I still have problems urinating - I go several times a day and it takes forever to pee. Sometime if I don't sit there forever I will have to go again within minutes. I have always had pain to the left under the scar I have talked with my general doctor regarding this pain and we both assumed it was scar tissue. If I move to fast it will "catch" and I will have a shooting pain that doubles me over. I recently saw a plastic surgeon to see about a mini tummy tuck and he said it was a hernia.
What type of treatment would I get for these symptoms? If I do have to have surgery would this be part of an abdominalplasty?