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I had my sphincterotomy about 4 months ago for a level 5 fissure . The pain from the surgery was worse than the pain form the fissure. I thought I was healing but then tore it wide open again with a nasty BM. Dr said I healed too tight he could not even get his finger in there to evaluate me. So now I have to literally push on my cheeks to get the BM out. I have tremendous pain burning and itching but not really the spasms like before the surgery its different. I was worried about leakage and now I have the total opposite???Is this normal? He wants to do another surgery now Am I crazy to do it all again? .


i had a sphinctertomy 2008 in 2012 i started haveing problems a stool would cut my

skin and go under my skin outside my anus i am haveing to rip it open to clean it 24 month on

the surgon said he did not know what it is another surgen sent me for tests on the pressure

of my bowel and anus he said i have set a word record on how tight my sphincter is as i

already know being like you i carnt stand a finger up there i use laxatives 4 daily he said

he carnt cut the sphinctor again i need a colostomy bag fitted as to heal the skin and hopefully have it reversed but in my own mind i know how tight it is and think it will only

happen again