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Had hemeroidectomy about 6 weeks ago.

Bleeding and seeping lasted about 2-3 weeks. About 2 weeks after op, had chronic diarrhoea for 24hours, which basically strained my stomach trying to empty when there was nothing there!

Finding opening my bowels, daily, requires a slight push then away. However I now need a 2nd or even 3 or 4th trip to the toilet since the op.

It's these other BM's that are the issue. Wiping feels like my hole is bruised, and my stomach spasms as if trying to push itself out. I'm then left sore around my buttocks, balls and penis for almost the rest of the day.

Yesterday, during a hot bath I tried to self examin to see if there was anything there, adn it was the most painful thing ever. Felt so tight and swollen.

Today, before any BM's I could self examin without any issues in the shower. Had BM's and later a warm bath to help with pain, and again unable to self examin due to swelling and pain.

Is this normal, or is something wrong?

Everyone else here says healed in 3-4 weeks. 6 weeks on, I'm wishing I'd never had this op. :'(


Are you following the correct dietary requirements ?
Are you taking any stool softeners ?
Did the surgeon give you some pills to take with every meal ?


Not taking anything now, but did have 2 weeks of pain killers and anti-biotics, and 3 weeks worth of Latalose (sp?) to take. Am in the UK if that makes any difference.

Have now increased fibre intake above RDA, but have never been a constipated person. All stools look loose enough just as they were before the op. Yet more moisture on the initial wipes, plus blood - yet nothing that smells different to the BM.

Just the dire urgency to go (and twice being too late), and going 2/3/4 times a day with pain isnt normal for me. Been a one a day guy for many years!

Really getting me down more than the pain free, yet bleeding 'roids did. :(

Wondering a) what it is b) if the 24hr diarrhoea during week 2 post op started it and c) how to fix.

Hoping the swelling is swelling, and nothing that needs more surgery like pro-lapse. Am seeing the consultant for post op appointment on may 6th - when he'll get a mouthful for not telling me ANYTHING on what to expect!


I'm not a nutritionist, but my bet is it could be too much fibre ?? i know they say that you can't have enough fibre BUT that is for a person in a normal body !! not with the destroyed sewer valve body we all have. Diarrhoea i's normal caused buy an in-correction in the stomach (out of balance) and you would need to fix this. Maybe some GOOD yoghurt to put the good bugs back into you gut might do the trick, but i think if you know of a good naturopath go see them they should be able to put you back into balance. Doctors know shjt about nutrition!!

I'm still in the early stages so far (5days) and still trying to have a good B.M. without pushing a orange through a straw.

I'm limited to one meal a day so far as i get too much bloating. But i'm trying to stick with

Breakfast : Porridge + Chaiatah and Flaxseed with a chase of Fibrogel
Lunch : Steamed vegies with a chase of Fibrogel
Diner : Steamed vegies with a chase of Fibrogel

I know this sound boring but you must stay away from White bread (no nutritional value at all).

The best food for Fibre going by the USA national food data base are

Baked Potatoes with skin 7.9g per 100g
then peas boiled 5.5g per100g
and Mushrooms 3.6g per 100g


Passion Fruit 10.4g per 100g
Avocado 6.7g per 100g
Strawberries 5.4g per 100g

you can check this out at http : w w w nal usda gov / fnic / foodcomp / search / just remove the spaces to get the address
Admin don''t like links but this one should be allowed as it has a lot of nutritional benefit.