i had a car accident in 2 April 2009, i broke my right femur and my right elbow and did ligament damage to my knee.
i had a femoral rod put in my femur, about 6 months after the accident my surgeon said that my bone isn't healing
as well as they anticipated, they suggested i take out the screws that where holding the rod.

i had the screws taken out about two weeks after the consult with the surgeon.
since then i have had unbelievable pain in my hip and my back, i get the pain mainly when i stand up the pain is
in the top part of my right femur and it also hurts in my back.

the pain is definitely a 9 most of the time, it feels like a really sharp pain and a ache, it also hurts sitting,
turning and walking. i have also noticed that after standing, when i go to sit down my quad muscles are really really tense
and takes a while to relax and the pain in my back and hip area shoot up. my leg feels really weak, i dont know if its psychological because i know that i dont want to lift my leg because if i do i know i will have that pain. Even trying to lift the blanket with my right leg hurts.

the surgeon thinks it is just the rod, after having the screws taken out the rod has moved higher causing some discomfit. i don't know.

can any one help me find out what is doing this. thank you.