I broke my femur in a head on collision 2/16/13 and had a surgery 2/18/13..I had a rod and screws placed in my right leg..I also had an imprint of my car on my lower leg bone that was shaved down during surgery..I was weight bearing as tolerated and was up walking on crutches a couple days after surgery in pt in the hospital..I was in the hospital for 2 weeks because of a blood clot in my lungs and had to stay on lovenox shots and coumadin..I did very light work in PT..When I got out of the hospital they started me at home pt bending my leg and such..I started going to the Pt at a gym about a month after surgery/getting out of the hospital after 3 months i'm down to 1 crutch and probably do not need it because I can walk on my own but i'm not that stable..The problem I have now is doing step up's..I can not get up on the board regularly i tend to almost snap my knee back when I step up.I also can't walk up the steps in my home normally I step up with my good leg and then pull my bad leg up after.My pt said it could possibly be from not having my quad muscles that strong..I hope from me not doing much until a month in from surgery will make me regaining my quad muscles back even harder.Everything else seems to be fine I can bend my knee 120 degrees and do leg extensions fine ...If anyone has/or knows exercises or tips for me to really regain that strength I'd appreciate it VERY much..