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Hey everyone this is my first time on here, and I really need help. Im 17 years old, I weigh 115 pounds and Im 5'4. I stopped taking birth control about 4 months ago. But being dumb, my boyfriend and I continues to have sex. Well about a month ago my breast got really full and sore and my nipples turned a darker color. So I took a pregnancy test and it turned out negative and I started my period a few days later. Well my boyfriend and I are currently broke up and Ive moved away. Recently I just got 2 days of brownish discharge, it was kinda heavy and smelled really weird. Ive also been really nausous lately and I cant seem to ever eat. I havent vomited, but I feel like Im going to every time I try and eat. Does this mean I could be pregnant, or what else could it be? Thanks for your help in advance.



I think that u should go to a gyn ccause if it smells then that's wired that's not sopposed 2 happen....not to scare u or anything but that's sound like an std and when a girl is about to get her peirod he breast get darker and they hurt a lot trust me lol....sometimes women mistake periods for pregnacy...hope I help..good luck