Last night I had to improvise and use toilet paper as a pad.. it was to late to go buy some... I had a small spot on my panties. It was darker then it had before. When I woke up it was brownish blackish on the toilet paper. I've had done this before and never had it come out like this. When I go to the bathroom and wipe there is sometimes a very light pinkish color on the toilet paper I also woke up with abdominal pains. And its just sharp pains every now and then. Lately I've been really tired. And haven't gotten my period for this month which if I didn't wouldn't be a problem.. though since jan I've had one once a month and usually around the same time. Before jan I haven't had one in 3yrs due to birthcontrol. I got my last depo shot in jan of 2011. Anyone have ideas what could be