Hi! I have been nursing my daughter for 16 months. The past 2 months has only been a couple times at night. I haven't had a period since she was born, and since last November I've been on Micronor...a low-dose birth control pill. Before I started Micronor, I had only 2 shots of Depo-provera. (june, september '07)

Anyway, 3 days ago I experienced a very minor amount of spotting. It didn't even last the day. Hardly any at all, but enough for me to notice the pinkish, brownish discharge, considering I haven't seen anything in a year and half.

I took a home pregnancy test, and it was negative. Could this be a start of a period? Could I be pregnant again? I have to admit I have missed pills here and there. Could the small amount of Depo I took still be in my system?