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Hi Everyone,

My period is usually normal, I always start on the same day each month or the day before/after. On Dec. 23 I started my period, meaning I should have started Jan. 23 of this month? WRONG. Friday night (jan.18) I started to cramp, the cramps were mild to servere ranging. Later that night around mid-night (techincally it being Jan.19) I had intercourse with my boyfriend, after sex I went to the restroom. Upon wiping myself I saw brownish blood. I put on a pad thinking of it. The next day I woke up, very little blood hardly any ALL DAY. The third day I filled 1 pad. The third back to spotting and the 4th Nothing. So on the night of my fourth day I had intercourse. I went to the bathroom brownish blood again, woke up this morning (the 23rd) and it was Bright red blood...... can someone help?!


I've been having about the same thing! Did you find out if you are pregnant??