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Ever since I got my blood and urine test results showing that there is protein & bilirum in the urine, I have been experiencing bubbles in my urine. In addition, though I have been maintaining my usual diet, my weight has jumped by 1kg within one week. Though 1kg is not a lot, but the sudden increase on top of my fatigue, nausea & gastric discomfort which have been for few months now worries me. Can someone tell me what could be the possible diagnosis? :'(



Hi: Bilirubin is from your liver and pancreas! Did the doctor that sent you for the urine test mention anything to do with these 2 organs? I would think that you could either have an enlarged liver/pancreas. 1kg is 2.2 lbs. Which is probably water or fluid that would be in your liver/pancreas. The nausea, discomfort fatigue are also related to these organs. They can be enlarged due to infection - which would explain the proteins, or one of the bile ducts in either organ can be blocked. We don't really give too much thought to the liver and pancreas, because you don't hear too much about them. BUT they are crucial in our over all health. So I am just wondering if your doctor has felt your liver and pancreas to see if it's enlarged. And if NOT then he should. Also you will need an ultrasound on both organs to rule out bile duct blockages. Can you let me know what he/she says please and thankyou?