My wife has been having digestive issues. She had her gallbladder taken out 17 years ago due to gallbladder disease. Since that time she's had IBS, colitis, acid reflux Etc. Approximately September of last year anytime she ate food meaning solids she got severely bloated nausea pain in her Center chest cavity and upper right quadrant. We visited many GI's and numerous other doctors.We live in Las Vegas where the health industry is rather weak. We had a referral to go see a GI in Los Angeles at Cedar-Sinai. Prior to that visit she had numerous CAT scans and MRIs MRCP is with no avail. The GI in Los Angeles stated that he believes that she had sphincter of oddi dysfunction. We were soon routed to a doctor that was a specialist in that area which did an ercp repaired the sphincter of oddi and made sure that both of her bile ducts for the pancreas and common bile we're flowing correctly. After that visit for six months she never felt so good about her health. No bloating discomfort nausea was all eliminated. Six months later she started having reoccurrence with the same problem. We readmitted her back to Cedar Sinai July 13th for all the same problems. Her pain level is so high after eating in her right quadrant it's over a 15 in pain. she was in the hospital for 18 days. Two more ERC peas were performed pancreas duct was cut the common bile duct was cut by 5 mm. Her problem persisted through the hospital with no improvement. She had every possible test for dumping nuclear and finally ended up with a spinal nerve block to try to assist her. All her symptoms are back she has not eaten solid foods in almost 5 weeks. We have tried contacting hospitals all over the United States and nobody will take her case that's including the Mayo Clinic's. all of them State go directly to a pain clinic with no answer why she cannot eat solid foods. All she can drink is water and Gatorade. I'm watching my wife die in front of me and no one seems to help. She's never been diagnosed with anything. Hopefully somebody out there will be able to give us some feedback Heidi and Ron. Almost a million dollars in bills and my wife still cannot eat and is in terrible pain with bloating and nausea disheartening