I am 42 yrs old and had a HIDA Scan with CCK test done and got results today.

I have been having discomfort off and on for two years in the left side near my pancreas and not on the right which radiates to my back after certain foods.

My results were

Patent common bile duct
Ejection Fraction of 0% "which raises the possibliity of chronic acalculous cholecystitis or biliakry dyskinesia.
Gallbladder activity which excludes acute but not chronic cholecystitis as a possibility.
Decreased uptake of activity within most of the liver with sparing of the inferior aspect of the right lobe. Review of the ultrasound showed no inhomogenicity of the liver and this could be artifactual. If clinically indicated a CT of the liver can be obtained.

I have not had acute pain with the symptoms and am wondering with an ejection fraction that low , if the test is accurate?