Ok, so im kinda newbie when it comes to sex ( by now, i had sex only four or five times). I started my sexual life not so long ago and i am facing some problems. The last few times i had sex with my boyfriend (the only sexual partener i had), i had a burning, very unconfortable sensation. At first, nothing was wrong, it felt good, no problems at all....after a while the burning sensation start to occur. Mild at first, but the longer he is in the worst it gets. Is not about the friction, because it feels the same even if he is not moving. Even if he is not inside and only the tip is touching my vagina the burning is there, on the contact zone. I think it might be from the condom, im concern about the eventuality of a latex alergy, but we used latex condoms before, the first 2 times, by the same brand, but another style, the extra thin, i had some pain then as well, after, but not as much, and we thought ist normal until i loose from the tightness, and during the intercourse i had no problem , now we went with the classic and that happend....idk what to say...the burning sensation get lighter after he gets out.....but it persist an hour or two after, fading slowly..(the longer the contact is ,the more it takes to go away). It may be the condoms, may be the lube that is on them....shall we try some latex free to see if its make a diference? id like some help