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I have had lower body numbness for a week. i ended up going to a chiropractor thinking they could help me and it hasn't. I went to the ER where they got an MRI and xrays  and then referred me to a local spine doctor. He wants to do a this surgery on me (even though he has never done it before) so i am a bit nervous. He said i could get a second opinion which i am considering. The surgery is scheduled for Monday!  


Hello Wendy,


Always get a second opinion especially when it comes to your spine. Too many accidents have occurred on the operating table that will leave a peron in a wheel chair for life. If you feel nervous , you have every reason to be it's your spine. Have you looked into endoscopic microdiscectomy? It's always best to go with the most minimally invasive procedures and the doctor with the most experience. You don't want to take a chance on your spine.