I Just had my surgery on 08/28/12 exactly 4 days ago; like a lot of people in this forum I was also nervous and afraid but thank to this forum and a person that I knew who did the same surgery than me; I got very confident. so I want to share my experiences with some of you that will have the same type of surgery and some of you who already had it. Today is my 4 days post surgery and I feel so great that I am surprise. I was taken out from the operating room at 4.00 pm by 6.00 pm I was taking to my room about 7.00 pm I ate all my dinner, rice, chicken,vegetables, apple juice. the next day my throat hurt ed and my chest. and I had a low fever. but I started taking anti- inflammatory medicine 2 or 3 tablets a day and all those symptoms started to dissapear, today 4 days after I feel so great, Iam a singer and started to tune a song and my voice is still there. but not perfect I am confident that it will be like before. be positive and if you need to do it go for it.