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For most of the people who have their first experience with lowbackpain , the main question that they often ask themselves, "Will I be able to get better without surgery?" Fortunately, the numbers are on your side. Over 95% of people who have back pain do not need surgery, and they get better with time. Unfortunately, getting better isn't always easy, and it can be very difficult to make sense of all the choices that are out there in terms of who to turn to when your back hurts. Generally, patients try conservative treatments for between 2 and 6 months. If after this trial of conservative treatment patients continue to have severe pain, surgery is an excellent option. If Spine surgery is suggested its a little difficult to accept surgery. Because the rest required after spine surgery, is little longer than any other surgery. But some of the techniques for spine surgery take less time for recovery. Spine surgery in India at par because the techniques used by spine surgeons and their experience of treating spine problems help to perform spine surgery in such way which claims shorter time for bed rest. All medical investigations for spine surgery are conducted on the latest, technologically advanced diagnostic equipment. Stringent quality spine surgery and high quality test results can be pursued at low cost.


Back problems are one of the most common reasons to see a doctor. Approximately 80% of people will experience back pain during their lifetime. Fortunately, for the vast majority of these people the pain will subside naturally without the need for surgery.

Spine surgery—whether back or neck surgery—is an advanced treatment option for pain and disability caused by an identifiable lesion in the patient's anatomy that has not adequately improved with non-surgical treatments. Although spinal arthritis tends to be chronic, the symptoms are rarely progressive and rarely require surgery on the painful spinal joints. However, surgery may be needed in severe cases, and may include a spine fusion, decompression and/or laminectomy.


Types of Spine surgery

There are different types of Spinesurgeries, which include the following:

• Discectomy • Foraminotomy • Spine Fusion • Spinal Disc Replacement • Anterior cervical corpectomy spine surgery • Cervical spine surgery • Lumbar laminectomy • Endoscopic Spine Surgery • Vertebroplasty

Benefits of Spine Surgery

1. It's an easy way to get rid of your back pain 2. Pain free life 3. Almost nil postoperative pain

The global patients traveling to India for Spine Surgery can enjoy savings of tens of thousands of dollars. They may save between 60 and 80% on costs found in the United States. Lower costs do not equate to lower quality, but lower operating costs, lower medical malpractice costs, and different healthcare systems in place in foreign destinations.

Spine Surgery in India

Besides, the cost factor, the other factors which drives the international patients is the quality which is delivered. It is often goes par with international benchmark as practiced in the developed nations like the US or UK. Cost is the most prominent benefit for which the foreign patients avail spine surgery in India. Please always feel free to ask and Share any questions that you may have, and you may also contact us. We are here to help in all the way we can!!



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