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The sorenesss started on the right calve on the very outer right part of the calve when running and then right under the bottom of the calve between calve and achilies. Ran Monday no pain today excrutiating and feeling like tearing and know left calve is experiencing Only running a mile.


Hi James,

When the calf muscles, gastrocneimus and soleus, get tight they put a severe strain in the Achille's tendon. You can feel a big knot in the middle of your calf, and also in the area that is right under the AT. In fact, the outside of the calf (soleus and gastroc) may feel very sore, and the inside of the calf (mostly gastroc) can feel like there is a hard carrot runing along the entire length of the inside calf.

In all of these cases you need to force out the lactic acid in the muscle by either pressing directly into the spasm, or by gripping the side of the calf and feeling the tight muscle under your fingers. It's easier to grip the inside of the calf, almost impossible to grip the outside. You can learn how to do these treatments by using your opposite knee pressing into your calf.

I suggest you pay special attention to the section titled "Muscles and Pain," and "What's Happening Exactly." The problem with the calf muscles is that they merge into the AT and if they are tight enough they actually can either tear the AT, or they can pull so hard that they try to tear the tendon from the bone and a spur forms to hold onto the tendon.

In any case, you can treat these muscles easily.

Wishing you well,
Julie Donnelly