Hi y'all,

I am a runner who has recently been diagnosed with chronic compartment syndrome in both of my legs. It was a tentative diagnosis - I am getting a second opinion - so I don't know certain particulars like which compartment or anything like that. What I would like from you, the running community, are suggestions for possible other diagnoses (I'm scared out of my mind of the testing/surgery for CCS)

When I run, or walk quickly, for a certain period of time, I get a painful burning feeling on the lower part of my calves - outside of the shinbone. The more I run/walk, the more it hurts, until I sit down for 5+ minutes. During the pain, the particular spot in my calf is very very tight, to the point where I can actually see the bulge of the muscle (in both legs). However, the right side is worse than the left - it gets painful more quickly, and even after the burning has subsided, I still have this thing where certain stretches of the muscle cause it to pinch in a very uncomfortable manner.

I have technically had this problem for years, though it has always subsided. However, this could be attributed to off-season resting and/or involuntary rest periods due to other, irrelevant injuries. This particular bought has lasted since april/may (about 6 months), and, despite a 5-6 week rest period, has not subsided.

Alright, I'm ready for your thoughts. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask.