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Me and my boyfriend had sex(11/20/11) the exact day before I ovulate (11/21/11), I use the my days app on my phone to help out when I ovulate. He came inside of me, what are my chances in becoming pregnant? and How early can I find out?


Hi Jaebee,

Yes you could get pregnant, the odds would be about 1 in 5.  That's what they are with everything "perfect."

You won't find out until your period is late (or missed).  Testing early will give you a negative as it takes time for the specific hormone, hCG, made by the developing embryo to rise high enough to be detected.

When you are due, test, using your FIRST morning urine.  It is more concentrated so more likely to give you an accurate reading.  If it is negative, and you still haven't had your period 7-10 days later, retest.

Testing early, false negatives are common.  False positives are rare.

Good luck.