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Our kid has been diagnosed with ADHD and you might imagine how much stress it brought to all of us. Although, there was some relief too, because there is a reason now for his poor grades and hyper active behavior. Can you tell us if ADHD can disappear spontaneously, as the child grows? Will there be any need for a therapy, or maybe even medications?


ADHD is a serious condition and should not be disregarded. Even though in some cases, it withdraws on its own, there are situations when that does not happen and the medical intervention is needed. It includes behavioral therapies and meds in some cases, although I have to admit that I am not a fan of kids using strong meds in such an early age. But, if it is required...


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I work with children. I have seen how affective medication can be. It works.
I agree tho that giving children medication so young isnt good.
But iv seen what it dose to family an sometimes you parents need a break.
My daughter is on antibiotics long term because of a medical condition.
I give inhalers everyday to children who have breathing probs.
I also work with another child who has steriods regulary for another medical condition.
So its not just ADHD children who have long term medication.

There is a lot of children needing medication who we wouldnt even think about not giving it to them.

If my daughter didnt take her medication she will be very ill. end up in hospital on drips with a risk or damaging her kidneys even more.
Id rather her take the tablets.

Hope you understand where i am coming from