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hi people Can someone tells me if anxiety or depression cause vision problems . Somtimes i see like floatrers or blinds spots in my eye

thanks and regards


Okay well I wondered the same. I don't have the answer. But I have panic disorder, anxiety you name it,lol. But I have been overwhelmed at times and seen what looks like stars or falling stars???? no I am not on a hallucinagin either. Its alil strange of a feeling I understand,but when I take a xanax I see that it goes away? so it must be linked somehow. Now ppl with MIgraines also sometimes see dots or blinking dots. Maybe due to the lack of oxygen to the brain and panic attacks cut of oxygen to the brain as well? hope this is somewhat helpful. I never asked the dr. So if you get the answer I would love to know the cause!
best of luck.