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I have always had am irregular period.  My doctors have always passed it off due to my fluxuating weight which makes sense.  I would have a month with a period that lasts a day or 2 and is extremely light, or I would just skip a month here or there.  in between those times I would have an extremely heavy flow to the point of changing sanitary pads up to 15 times a day. 

here is the new part that concerns me.  The last 2 months I have not had my period.  I am not sexually active and am still a virgin so I have no worries about being pregnant.  I started this months period yesterday very light, which is unusual after missing 2 months.   I am cramping so bad that I gave in and took some painkillers for the first time in my life to deal with the cramps.  NOTHING i have tried has worked to alleviate my pain.  water bottles, hot baths, ice packs, tea, nothing i can think of.   on top of that I found some white tissue i have never seen before when changing my pad.  it was tough tissue and a stark white.  approximately 2 inches long and looked like yarn or something.  (and no i never use tampons)  I have read about similar things happening to other women, but they all seem to be related to birth control and the nuva ring.  neither of which s a factor here.  can anyone help me figure out what this is?  or at least offer a suggestion for the cramps?


Are you sure that your irregular periods are only due to changes in weight? It seems to me like you should also check and see if all this is maybe cased by polycystic ovaries - that is one of the biggest reasons for very irregular, heavy and painful periods. It can be checked with a simple ultrasound exam. That could also explain the white tissue similar to that women who are on Nuvaring have- irregular periods or polycystic ovaries cause similar hormonal imbalance as the hormones from the BC ring do and this hormonal change is responsible for the extreme shedding of the uterus lining.
As far as the cramps are concerned, I think I've tried everything possible, since I have them ever since I started my period. Now the only thing that works is painkillers, at least for the first few hours when the cramps are the worst. I use Motrin, and one pill as soon as I notice it starting usually is enough.