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Hi everyone,

can you tell me more about glucomannan and obesity? I have found something about it on the internet, a lot of literature, but I am not sure what this exactly means? I found this while I was searching something about glucomannan. So, do you know more? I mean, I think that you know more than me :) What do you think about this, do you have some clinic reviews to share with me? Are there some effect of glucomannan on obese patients? Does some trial or expert studies say something about this?

Let me know more. Do you know anything.




this is a little bit hard thing to discuss that, because we are not professionals in these things. I know that glucomannan is often recommended as a solution to obesity, but I can't say that this is true. You need to ask someone with more experience. 

I know that doctors will recommend this to a people who have high cholesterol, or some problems with constipation. But, if you have some healthy problems, you should never take glucomannan again. 

You should take it with a lot, a LOT of water, again and again, because if you don't do this, there is a huge risk of choking.

Consult your doctor, please!



Hello, the great thing is the glucomannan reduces blood fats, weigh gain, and helps you keep blood sugar levels normal as well. It totally expands to make the stomach feel full. Well, according to some trial results, in which obese patients were on calorie - restricted diets and glucomannan. So, it seems that glucomannan totally can help you if you are overweight, but somehow this is just according to the trial results. I really hope that someone in here was very, very overweight and lost the weight thanks to the glucomannan. This one would be the best experience.

Good luck!